Cause and effect essay outline on marriage 

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Writing an essay is an important part of school or college life. If you are a student you must have given bundles of assignments to write essays on various topics. Some students find it a difficult task to write my essay. If you are also one of those students then you need to worry about writing an cause and effect essay because you are at the right place. Students think that developing an outline will consume a lot of time but honestly it saves a lot of your time. When draw a proper outline you have a better idea about what information you are going to add in the essay in which paragraph. 


Writing an essay is a piece of cake but it becomes difficult for some students who straight away jump into writing and get stuck in the middle of the essay. I am sure you don’t want this to happen you to you so you must learn how to create an outline for your write my paper task. I will share Cause and Effect Outline on the topic marriage for you to understand the importance of creating an outline. This topic is an open ended topic and there can be many causes and effects associated with the marriage so you have to discuss everything wisely. 


Outline for the Essay on Marriage  


  • Introduction 

First of all, we will start an essay with a strong and powerful introduction explaining what is marriage. As a paper writing service writer you have to explain the literal meaning of the marriage and then explain it with the context of our society. Tying the knot between two people belonging from opposite sex is marriage. 

Now you can explain it in different religious context by describing the importance of marriage in our society and how it is perceived by the people. It has a huge significance in our society but marriages has its own advantages, causes and effects regardless of its importance in the society.


  • Body paragraphs 

There must be three body paragraphs of the essay to explain the causes and effects of the marriages. Each paragraph should have a unique cause and effects of marriage the context should not be repetitive and redundant. 


  • First paragraph 

The first body paragraph should state one cause and one effect of marriage side by side. 

The first cause of marriage could be society pressure and religious or cultural norms. It is mandatory to get married at a certain age in our society. It is an essential part of one’s life to start a new life by getting married and have kids. 

The marriage can affect you in many ways if it is happy and healthy then the effects would be positive but if it is toxic then it would affect you negatively. Your life completely changes after getting married. 


  • Second body paragraph 

The second cause is that you may fall in love and want to spend rest of your life with that one person. 

The effect would be positive and healthy in this case. It impacts on your life and transforms it completely. You begin to enjoy thing better, your life becomes happy and colorful. 

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  • Third Body paragraph 

The third cause of marriage is making babies and fulfilling the sexual desires. 

The marriage can have an affect on your mental health



  • Conclusion 

The conclusion of the essay should be precise and short containing the importance of the marriage and why it is important in your society. It works better for some people and other get affected negatively due to it.

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